Create Sustainable Jobs

Senator Lamping understands the economic realities that Missourians face today. He opposes short-term economic fixes that would require large tax increases in the future. He supports eliminating wasteful tax credits and reforming Missouri’s tax code to eliminate tax giveaways that do not in fact create jobs.

Senator Lamping supports focusing on programs aimed at providing job training to help individuals learn the skills necessary to open the door for new employment opportunities. John feels that increased funding in these areas will provide local business with a highly trained workforce that will attract new companies and will allow existing companies the opportunity to succeed and grow in Missouri.

John also believes our legislature must create an environment in which small business can grow and prosper. Attracting new businesses in the fields of new or emerging technologies can create real jobs for Missourians. During the 2011 legislative session, John sponsored legislation aimed at creating a tax incentive program for investors who contribute to technology-based companies that are in the early stages of formation in Missouri.
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Providing a World Class Education for Our Children

Senator Lamping believes that we must provide our children an education that allows them the opportunity to compete and succeed at any level.

As the father of six children who have attended public schools, John understands the need for adequate funding of our school districts. During the 2011 legislative session he fought on the Senate floor to ensure our local school districts receive our fair share of state funding and that more of our tax dollars make it to the classroom.

Senator Lamping will also work to prevent funding cuts for vocational schools and community colleges and to increase funding for job retraining programs, especially in areas of technology training.
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Protecting our Families

John believes that the legislature should work to protect our families. During the 2011 legislative session, John worked to pass two significant pieces of legislation aimed at protecting victims of domestic violence and human trafficking.

Senate Bill 320, passed unanimously through the General Assembly and signed by the Governor, provides the first major overhaul of Missouri's domestic violence laws in the past 30 years. John worked along with a task force assembled by Attorney General Koster to update statutory definitions, increase the accountability of offenders and provide a more meaningful order of protection process for all victims of domestic violence.

John also supported and co-sponsored legislation that strengthens Missouri's existing human trafficking laws. Senate Bill 331 provides for more detailed definitions and guidelines in an effort to better protect victims and prosecute offenders in this ever growing area of crime.
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Stopping Waste and Forcing Government to Manage Better

John knows that now is not the time to raise taxes or cut critical programs that provide health care for our seniors or to the schools districts that we depend on to educate our children. John will continue to challenge government bureaucrats to better manage our tax dollars. He supports establishing a permanent Senate Committee on Governmental Accountability to investigate waste, fraud and abuse of our precious tax dollars. The committee will look to uncover fraud and shut down wasteful programs. It will ensure we fund those programs that are critical to our families and communities and stop funding programs that are being mismanaged.

John also supports greater oversight from the legislature as to how federal stimulus money is being spent. He believes that legislature should be held accountable for how it spends billions of dollars in stimulus funding.

With escalating debt created by state and local governments, John believes we should require state and local governments to annually disclose their amount of debt and details related to that debt on a state accountability portal website. The website would provide voters with a better picture of the financial health of their local government or school district before they vote to add new debt.
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Making Elected Officials Accountable for a Change

John believes we need our elected representatives to put our interest first. He wants to see greater transparency in campaign finance laws so we know who is contributing and how much is being given to our elected officials.

As a Senator, John refuses to take any contributions from lobbyists while the legislature is in session. He supports banning gifts to legislators and baring lobbyists and special interest groups from buying meals and drinks for legislators and their staff.

Last year lobbyists spent hundreds of thousands of dollars stocking bars in the Capitol offices of legislators and buying expensive dinners for our elected officials to win their votes for special interest legislation. No lobbyist or special interest group will EVER pay for anything that John does while he is in office.

John will also push to shut the door on legislators who pass bills for special interests and then take a job with those interests upon leaving the legislature by barring legislators from lobbying for two years after they leave the legislature. John vows to never take a job as a lobbyist.
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Improving the Adoption Process

John knows children are the foundation of Missouri’s future, and as such, he believes we need to provide our children with stable and loving environments. One way of achieving this is to re-focus Missouri’s adoption process on uniting parents and children rather than on maintaining the current financial barriers and lengthy time commitment.

As a father to three adopted children, John knows firsthand the long and financially costly process a prospective parent must go through to adopt a child in Missouri. This is in stark contrast to many other states which have less expensive and quicker processes for adoption. John will work to improve Missouri’s adoption process by shortening the waiting time for both parents and children, by providing additional financial resources to prospective parents going through the adoption process, and by expanding the avenues in which prospective parents and children can be united. Collectively, these changes will limit the time children must stay in foster care and will shorten the time prospective parents must wait to welcome a child into their homes.

During the 2011 legislative session, John worked to pass a bill that helps adult adoptees gain greater access to their adoption records. Senate Bill 351, approved by the General Assembly and signed by Governor Nixon, makes it easier for adult adoptees to obtain identifying information on their biological parents and siblings, and removes the requirement for an adult adoptee to seek the permission of his or her adoptive parents before conducting a search for a biological parent.
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